3 Common Reasons for Knee Pain

Knee pain is a common complaint . The reasons for knee pain are multiple and varied. Factors such as age, weight, gender, activity level, activity type, bone and joint structure (e.g. “bowlegs” or “knock-knees”), the function of the joints above and below (esp. foot, ankle, and hips), and previous injuries can all play a role in knee pain. Below are common reasons for knee pain based on location.

Front of the knee pain
o Patellar tendinopathy
o Quadriceps tendinopathy
o Patellofemoral tracking syndrome
o Chondromalacia patella aka Runner’s knee
o Arthritis

Outside of the knee pain
o Lateral collateral ligament sprain
o Medial meniscus injury
o IT band friction syndrome
o Arthritis

Inside of the knee pain
o Medial meniscus injury
o Medial collateral ligament sprain
o Bursitis (pes anserine bursitis)
o ArthritisKnee Anatomy

Knowing which activities aggravate your knee pain, can also help pinpoint the cause and lead to appropriate resolution.  

Some common examples include:

  •         pain while navigating stairs especially going down stairs
  •         pain while squatting or lunging
  •         pain while pivoting on a planted leg (e.g. loading the dishwasher)
  •         pain when you first stand up that then feels better as you move around
  •         pain at the beginning of a workout that then returns and lingers after you’ve cooled down

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Stay Healthy,

Dr. Daniel Yinh