1.) Firstly, what does sciatica feel like? If you’ve had it, it’s unmistakable.  Since it is nerve pain, it can vary in presentation: Sharp, shooting electric shock down the leg – this is especially true after a sudden movement of the lower back or hip It can present as a feeling of weakness down the leg […]

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01 Feb February 01, 2017

Understanding Nerve Pain

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Nerve pain sufferers are likely familiar with these classic and characteristic symptoms: Numbness Burning Tingling Itching Electric-shock Prickling Pins and Needles Note: Of these, the 3 most common descriptors are “electric shock”, “burning”, “tingling” In addition to these classic characterizations of nerve pain, there’s usually a concurrent presentation of the following: Aching Protective Tension Altered movement […]

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Overhead Squat Initial Assessment      Findings: Look at the bar path: The bar does not stay above the head and shoulders, and in fact goes forward of the knees. This puts the weight far away from his center of gravity.  Not only will this limit how much he can lift, but it increases his […]

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