See what patients are saying:



Ron Ortiz (2013 Crossfit Games Masters Champion 45-49 years old):

“Thanks Doc! I couldn’t have done it without you!”


“Dr. Yinh is by far one of the best. Whether you have chronic pain, suffering from an injury, or just trying to increase your athletic performance (power, speed, strength, flexibility), he can help. He likes a challenge and thinks outside of the box. I have seen him for a shoulder injury, and to increase my squat strength in the gym. My shoulder is feeling great, and I have added over 40lbs to my front squat with better form because of his techniques. I recommend him to everyone I know.”
“A friend recommended Dr. Yinh when I ruptured a disc in my lower back in December. After just one month I started a yoga class and I was able to do all the movements the first day. My back is healed completely and I am pain free. Dr. Yinh has worked on my knees and neck and has provided relief from years of pain. I highly recommend Dr. Yinh to everyone I know.”

“I had suffered with a shoulder that wouldn’t allow me to raise my arm even straight out. After a few treatments and exercises that Dr. Yinh showed me I now have full use of my arm with NO pain! I thought for sure that I would need very expensive and painful surgery to fix this. I recommend Dr. Yinh and The Center for Musculoskeletal Function to anyone that has pain.”
“Dr. Yinh is very professional and knowledgeable in his field. I went to go see Dr. Yinh so that he could help me with my shoulder mobility issues. After just a few sessions I could notice a big difference in my range of motion and could do overhead work without pain in my shoulders.”


Gordon Drake: 
I’m truly amazed with the results.  Dr. Yinh has been able to fix some long-standing problems like my Achille’s tendonitis and shoulder pain.  I joke with him and tell him: ‘I hate to give you credit, but I’m forced to!’  Nicole, at the front desk is always helpful and pleasant too.  I’m impressed with this office through and through.”  


J.S. :
“I have been working with Dr. Daniel about 1 year now. I do CrossFit and injured my lower back and started to have issues with my knees. Not only did Dr. Dan get me back in the gym but he also gave me preventative measures to take (such as exercises at home). He is always thinking outside the box and he has never lied to me (like some docs). If he is unsure of a diagnosis, he tells me, then researches it and then treats the problem–and fixes it!!! Finally, about 5 months ago I was having severe pain in my jaw due to stress. I had no idea chiros can correct jaw issues/tmj-but Dr. Dan did! It was not better overnight but I always walked out in better condition than I was when I got there. This is an honest man and he gets the job done!”