The CMF Advantage

Our mission is to help people move better and feel better so that they may live healthy active lives and maximize their performance.

At the Center for Musculoskeletal Function we know that proper movement is a sign of a healthy body. It is our mission to restore ideal movement patterns, posture, and body awareness in order to provide and maintain your musculoskeletal system’s optimal health.

We do this through the use of an evidence-based conservative treatment approach that provides our patients with world-class quality manual medicine and functional rehabilitation.

Our three simple pillars of care are to Treat, Rehabilitate, and Educate.

Treatment through manual medicine approaches help our patients break through the barrier of pain and aberrant movement patterns. Functional rehabilitation reestablishes and supports the stabilization of renewed and ideal movement patterns. Finally, through education our patients gain the knowledge to continue the healing process independently.

Top 10 Reasons to Choose Us!

1. Passion and Focus

I’m passionate about what I do and my focus is always and completely on understanding and resolving your musculoskeletal problem so you can get back to enjoying your life.

2. Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

When I take you on as a patient I do everything necessary to get to the root of your problem.  The majority of the work is done through critical thinking and problem solving in order to establish a specific diagnosis and choose the best fit treatment for you.

3. Commitment to Excellence

I am not happy until you’re happy.  I’m committed to providing you with excellent care with noticeable improvements on each visit.  However, I take it a step further and I’m not happy until your results are sustainable over time.

4. Magna Cum Laude/ High Honors

I was able to graduate with high honors from chiropractic school because once again I love what I do and have a true passion for helping people.  My determination to provide excellent care drives me to be a lifelong student.  I am simultaneously humbled and exhilarated by my continued education in this field.

5. Faster Results and Lasting Results

No packaged plans or contracts needed to receive excellent care.  By establishing a tissue specific diagnosis and then applying the best fit treatment that really zeros in on the root of the problem you get faster results that are truly sustainable

6. Mission and Quest

It is my mission and quest to bring to light the power of manual medicine when properly applied.  I believe it is a real tragedy that so many people suffer from musculoskeletal issues that when properly diagnosed have a clear-cut resolution.

7. Insurance and Self-pay Rates available

We accept several insurance plans and therefore the price of care to you could be minimal. For those without insurance, I offer reasonable self-pay rates that allow you to receive the care you need.

8. We are very Friendly

You’ll always be treated with respect and never like a number. Your visit with us is always a warm and welcomed one.

9. Ability to Relate

I have also suffered from injury and debilitating musculoskeletal complaints in the past and have been tremendously helped by well applied manual medicine.  I know how horrible it is to be in pain and discomfort, but I also know that relief and resolution is absolutely possible.

10. Innovative and Unique Care

I am among a handful of providers in the state of Florida fully trained to deliver a tissue specific diagnosis for all regions of the musculoskeletal system and with the ability to offer both hands-on care as well as instrument assisted soft-tissue care.