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Daniel Yinh Chiropractor

Dr. Yinh, D.C.

I am Dr. Daniel Yinh, M.S., D.C and I want to welcome you to the Center for Musculoskeletal Function website.   My passion is to help you break through the barriers of pain and dysfunction so you can live a pain free, healthy and functional life.

What is the purpose of the Center for Musculoskeletal Function?

The importance of the center is to establish the right diagnosis for your musculoskeletal condition so that the best fit strategy can be used to solve your problem.

What can you have diagnosed and treated in the office?

  • Overuse injuries such as those seen in athletes, musicians/performing-artists, and gym enthusiasts
  • Postural injuries common in the workplace from prolonged computer use and desk-work
  • Nerve injuries involving numbness, tingling, and/or sharp shooting pain
  • Disc injuries of the neck and back associated with difficulty transitioning in and out of chairs, beds, cars, and rotating the head.


Center for Musculoskeletal Function