How do you compare?

Without weights, do a squat and bottom out:

  • Can your knees track directly over your feet?
  • Do the heels of your feet approximate your glutes (butt)?
  • Does your upper thigh touch or approximate your lower ribs in the front?
  • Are you comfortable and balanced or are you really straining?

If this is difficult you likely suffer from scar-tissue and adhesion.  Read on to learn more.

Scar-tissue/Adhesion is one of the most common dysfunctions of the musculoskeletal system and responsible for decreased tissue length and tissue strength. Decreased range of motion in a movement is usually indicative of unhealthy soft-tissue.

Decreased Tissue Length: 

When someone has a limited range of motion in a joint there’s going to be compensation created both above and below that joint.  Mechanically, decreased range of motion puts you at a disadvantage.  Think of a complicated movement like the squat.  It demands a lot of motion from your ankles, knees, and hips.  If any of these are limited you will be forced into a disadvantageous posture or position by compensating. By binding the soft-tissues together through adhesion they are unable to reach their full length.

Decreased Tissue Strength: 

 A muscle is made up of compact fibers that have the ability to contract.  These fibers, together with part of the nervous system are known as a motor unit.  The more fibers that can contract, the more stable and strong the movement is.  The figure below shows the increased need for the contractile fibers of your muscles(left) as the weight increases (right).
motor unit

Increase Load = Increased Motor Units

Scar-tissue/Adhesion decreases tissue strength by binding the contractile fibers.  Over time, this isn’t just a performance issue, but more importantly a major reason for injury.  Our treatment system, here at the Center for Musculoskeletal Function ,is designed to find and treat scar-tissue/adhesion.  If you’re experiencing this, give us a call to schedule a thorough biomechanical assessment.

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