Our nervous systems don’t know the whole story, and they always think we’re Superheroes.  

They’re wired to prioritize our survival, and survive we shall.  Basically, our nervous systems can’t differentiate between our actions being elective, or essential.  That’s why our bodies will let us overdo things (up to a point) when we’re exercising, doing physical labor, or sustaining bad postures during our day.   By conscious will, you can in most situations supersede your musculoskeletal system’s only defense mechanism (pain!), and take action.  Your body doesn’t know if you are running from a bear, or just trying to accomplish your workout.  Are we attempting a new personal record (PR) deadlift at the gym, or lifting a fallen log from our leg?  This adaptive mechanism is so powerful, that professional athletes often motivate themselves by pretending that they’re actually in a life or death situation to get that extra nervous system boost.

When our bodies get to the point where they can take no more, and must fly the white hanky of surrender, we become injured.  Pain is the musculoskeletal system’s way of protecting itself, so why not heed the warning?  Ignoring the pain and powering through, will catch up with us, and it doesn’t always have to be that a lion is clawing at our cape tails.  If you listen, your body will tell you when it’s time to get effective treatment in order to continue to do the things that you enjoy.  In addition to getting rid of scar tissue and adhesions, manual medicine calms our nervous system down so that we can heal.  

And so, Superheroes or mere mortals, we can all benefit by keeping our musculoskeletal systems tuned up.


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