Bottom Line:

Studies have shown that chronic inflammation is directly linked to many of the most common chronic diseases we encounter in our lives. Over 60% of people are affected with at least one condition associated with chronic inflammation. Incidences of heart disease, obesity, diabetes and cancer continue to soar as a result of the stress and dysfunction caused by chronic inflammation.

Why it Matters:

The process of chronic inflammation begins with your body doing the right thing. Hormones are released due to injury, stress or your diet which causes your immune system to react. If the injury doesn’t heal, the stress doesn’t end or the diet doesn’t change, this normally healthy process can turn into chronic inflammation and disease. If your immune system doesn’t “turn off,” a vicious cycle of tissue damage can lead to long term inflammation & future health issues. 

-Chronic inflammation results in an imbalanced immune response, which can lead to chronic disease. 

-When inflammatory mediators are overproduced, it can lead to tissue damage. 

-Taking a pro-active approach to your health now can lower your risk for developing chronic disease later.

Next Steps: 

A few of the most common risk factors associated with chronic inflammation include age, obesity, diet, smoking, hormone imbalances and sleep disorders. While age is something you can’t control, nearly all the other risk factors can be altered with your daily habits.

Science Source(s): 

Chronic Inflammation. StatPearls. Pubmed. 2018.

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