Millions of processes are happening in our amazing bodies at all times, usually without a hitch. However, with use, repetitive movements, sustained postures, trauma, or surgeries, our soft-tissues become painful and injured. When injury occurs, an order of priorities is essential. So often, we try to “work through it” or “stretch it out” without considering what “it” is and what “it” needs. Stretching and strengthening have their place, but to be effective, they must be applied at the right time.

So, what’s the ideal order of things when it comes to the musculoskeletal system?

#1 Diagnosis
Firstly, we believe that your diagnosis should be more than a label. It is your unique story, and it answers the why, what, and how of your pain. Sometimes the diagnoses are straightforward, and sometimes they’re complicated. One thing’s for sure: one person’s musculoskeletal story is never the same as the next.

#2 Treatment
In step two, properly applied treatment improving how you move and function, is performed. Dr. Yinh’s treatment plan for you will be as unique as your diagnosis. There is an “unlayering” during the course of treatment, taking you further away from soft-tissue dysfunction and poor movement patterns and into quality movements with healthier tissue. This process unloads the injury allowing for optimal pain relief and healing. Treatments are hands-on, precise, and doctor-delivered. Powerful, indeed…

#3 Exercise
Improving the way you move and function through treatment sets you up for this final step of rehab exercises (which include stretching and strengthening). This step is so often prescribed too early by well-meaning practitioners, and in this “I want it, and I want it NOW” society in which we live, it isn’t surprising. Think about it this way: Scar tissue and adhesions are not materials which will break down on their own. They limit and in some cases completely prevent the healthy soft tissues around them from moving properly. Truly and fully stretching a muscle in which an adhesion resides, can’t physically happen. That’s where Dr. Yinh’s treatment is invaluable to restoring the muscle’s functionality. Once a patient’s soft tissues get to the point where exercises and stretching will be wonderfully beneficial to them again, Dr. Yinh will prescribe these exercises, and recommend that you return to your beloved gyms, yoga classes, underwater basket weaving teams, etc. (essentially, whatever brings you joy!)

As we navigate our way through this adventure called life, we will experience pain and injuries that will challenge our ability to enjoy our journeys. The next time you find yourself in this situation, take The Order of Things into account and you’ll be back on your feet before you know it!

Elisa Yinh

Elisa Yinh

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