Triple-Flexion is when the ankle hinge, the knee hinge, and the hip hinge are all flexed together.  A classic example of this is seen when you do a squat.

Squat Triple-Flexion: ankle, knee, and hip flexing together.

Triple-flexion is a basic human movement that is necessary not only in sports but in your day to day life.  You are probably doing it right now sitting in your chair reading this!  Here are some examples of when you do it at the gym:

  • squat
  • lunge
  • run
  • bear-crawl
  • box step-ups
  • dead-lift
  • I could go on and on but I think you get the point:

Triple flexion is a Big Deal!

The three hinges (ankle, knee, and hip) involved are interdependent and the health of one affects the health and biomechanics of another.  Screening and assessing these joints can help determine:

  • What is causing you pain and injury when you squat
  • If you’re at risk for injury
  • What faults are holding you back from a great squat pattern

Download this PDF to find out how to self-assess triple-flexion:

Self-Assessing 3 Keys to a Great Squat

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